Mr Twin Sister has released a beautiful new self-titled album out on iTunes today, three years in the making. It’s cause for some celebration.

I’ve had these photos from our ‘All Around And Away We Go’ video shoot on the back burner for some time and figured today was as good a day as any to share. Some are from my iPhone, others (the cool ones) are taken by Seamus McGuire.

For weeks, back in the fall of 2010, we’d plan to shoot in a college studio we had rented out a night or two before the band was scheduled to embark on a cross-country tour. It had large, open walls which is what was needed to project the video in front of which Andrea would be dancing. When we arrived at the school (around 10pm, we had to wait for it to be clear), cameras, lighting equipment, smoke machines, costumes and props in hand, we discovered we’d been locked out with no one to let us in. 

With little to no options left, we packed up and all drove two hours out to eastern Long Island to a house the band had been using to practice, which, as it were, had little to no furniture and wide, open walls. Over the next 7-8 hours, me, our DP Ian Perlman, the band and of course Andrea & her sister Melissa busted our asses (with pizza and beer to help) and made the shoot work. By allowing ourselves to discover the possibilities in what was just previously a completely hopeless situation, we wound up with footage we never would have captured in a small, confined studio space in mid-town Manhattan. And it was fun! Sometimes, the universe just works. Or creativity adapts to the universe. Who knows?

As for the animation, that happened at Gabe’s house during the weeks prior, with Andrea painstaking drawing the bodies of ‘dancing men’ and Gabe lining them up for us to shoot frame by frame. What a nightmare. But worth every bit of sweat when we see those little guys do-si-do across the screen.

Huge congrats to Mr Twin Sister on the new release (like all great albums, it ripens the more you listen). Go purchase it now!!!